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Whatever your style, whatever your vision, Treasure Valley Lighting & Display will bring it to life. We offer a full range of exterior holiday lighting and Christmas decorating services, from design, installation, maintenance, removal, and storage. We’re ready to make your property the talk of the neighborhood, whether it’s in Boise, Meridian, Star, Eagle, Idaho, or another Treasure Valley town. Business owners, HOAs, municipalities, and other commercial enterprises particularly appreciate our full-service packages.
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Festive holiday lighting in Eagle Id
Festive holiday lighting in Eagle Id

We design the entire holiday display, buy the lights, install them, and then take them down and store them--and it’s all included in the upfront fee.

First-time customers have the option to buy the lights or to lease them. Of course, buying the lights saves money in the long-run, because we select sturdy, energy-efficient products that can be used year after year. Once you own the equipment, our annual fee is much less because it just includes labor, not the actual lights. And don’t worry about unused lights taking up space during the rest of the year--we will store them as part of our quoted cost. 
Commercial Outdoor Christmas Light Installation Company in Meridian idaho
Commercial Outdoor Christmas Light Installation Company in Meridian idaho

Commercial Outdoor Christmas Light Installation Company

Bring holiday cheer to your customers by creating an outdoor Christmas light display. Exterior Christmas lighting attracts more customers to your store, brings cheer to your employees which in turn creates better customer service, and is a great advertising tool during the holiday season. We install holiday lights for shopping centers, outdoor community centers, HOA’s, and many other types of commercial/public property.  

Our outdoor Christmas light services all-inclusive cost includes: putting up the lights, maintaining the lights during the entire season, taking down the lights, and storing the lights until the next holiday season. 
RGB lights | Treasure Valley Lighting
RGB lights | Treasure Valley Lighting

RGB LIGHTING: Permanent Christmas Light Installation

You can stop your yearly search for companies that put up Christmas lights. Advances in outdoor lighting allow us to install lights that can remain up year round--but that will not detract from the appearance of your exterior. One new type of lighting that is getting popular is RGB (red-green-blue) lighting.
Permanent Outdoor LED Christmas Lights | Treasure Valley Lighting
Permanent Outdoor LED Christmas Lights | Treasure Valley Lighting
Like most of the lighting we use, RGB lights are energy-efficient LED fixtures. They combine the three basic colors to create literally millions of colors of light, and can be programmed for different colors and effects throughout the year. We can install these HOA-friendly lights in your gutters, and you can use them for landscape accent lighting that changes easily with the seasons.


“I’m thrilled with my decision to hire Treasure Valley Lighting to install my Christmas lights this past season, and look forward to working with Jeremy and crew in the years to come! We made the decision to have lights installed during the high season, but Jeremy squeezed us into his busy schedule. His quote was competitive, he and his crew were extremely courteous and professional, and the end result was stunning! Beautiful custom-fit Christmas lights all the way through January and we didn’t have to deal with miles of light strands or touch a ladder. Jeremy provided all of the wiring and cords and set up the timers for us. In late January the crew came back, removed everything, and is storing them for us until next year. Frankly, I can’t wait to get them back up again! Thank you Treasure Valley Lighting!”

Contact Treasure Valley Lighting & Display before the holidays so you can have a full season of a beautiful outdoor holiday lighting display.

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(208) 440-1730 to discuss your ideas. The bonus for an early start is having lights in place for other seasons and celebrations, too, like Halloween or the 4th of July, especially when you opt for permanent, changeable, lighting like RGB led lights.
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